Both graduates in music from Goldsmiths University of London, they have been playing together for over five years. During this time, they have provided instrumental acoustic guitar music for many occasions. These include corporate events for Toyota and the Rochester Bridge Trust, weddings both in the UK and abroad, and performing at the National Theatre and the Hay on Wye Literacy Festival.

This duos can provide over three hours of music ranging from jazz and folk, to popular songs and classical. Their set can be tailored to individual events and requests sent in advance can be learnt and incorporated into the set.

Aguna De Aia

Rubina’s Blue Sky Happiness

Samba D’ Orpheu

Sueno Con Mexico

Client Comments
The Acoustica doesn’t only play music they make it. To listen to their weaving and threading of sounds is a joy. How such playing in unison happens without a score to bind them is a lovely mystery. Their playing is intelligent, playful and full of feeling. I could listen to them endlessly.
– Sir Arnold Wesker

I’ve come to admire the musicianship of these two young and incredibly talented musicians who have everything going for them. A fabulous guitar duo, they are reinventing the medium with alluring and wonderfully played versions of well known and popular tunes and instrumental pieces. They also play their own original compositions which transcend genre. Technically brilliant, the duo create virtuosic music which is both accessible and at the same time profound – they can draw both the average listener and the serious music fan.

With rhythmic power and life enhancing energy which is uplifting, this music has special guitar voicings, bright dancing articulation and interwoven parts using nylon string and steel string guitars. They create a hypnotic melodic and harmonica language and play fascinating, elliptical lines – their improvising is at the cutting edge of guitar playing.

They are really good at drawing in and entertaining the audience with their comfortable stage presence and positive attitude and give off a fresh enthusiastic vibe while at the same time being utterly professional.
– Richard Chapman (The Complete Guitarist)

Repertoire List
A Curious Blues
A Map of the World
Aguna de Aia
Born in the sea/Americana
Bright Size Life
Django’s Tiger
Don’t Mean A Thing (If It Ain’t Got That Swing)
Indian Dance
Marnha de Carnaval
Minor Swing
My Belonging
Rubina’s Blue Sky Happiness
Samba d’ Orpheu
So What
Sueno Con Mexico
Sweet Georgia Brown
Tears in the Rain
The Saga of Harrison Crabfeathers
Vendredi 13
Waltz for Debby

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