Calling Classical Musicians Help Required

Hello there.

I’m sure this isn’t the done thing, but I’m in a bit of a sticky situation…

I’m a composer on the brink of applying to study composition at an esteemed University. I need a “Large Scale Orchestral Piece” in order to apply. I don’t have one.

I’m looking for as many orchestral musicians as I possibly get hold of in order to record a no rehearsal necessary piece for orchestra.

The piece will be written as a kind of musical game, a sort of controlled improvisation. Most of the sounds I’ll ask you to make will be extended techniques, or just exotic/odd noises. We can go through the sounds you like to make on the day and work them into the piece.

The same will apply to the choir (!) who will hopefully be singing at the centre of the work.

I have tried this technique before and it worked very well, but on a much smaller scale. Here is a link to a recording of that previous version: “Quintet”.
There will be a definite structure to the piece, so it won’t sound like a free-for-all, but it should be good fun for all concerned as we find out what thrills and what fails.

If you are happy to play more detailed music I will be writing out some brief notated phrases.

The session will be 2 hours long and in Waterloo on Saturday the 13th September at 1pm. It’s unpaid I’m afraid, but I will be providing gin and biscuits.

Would you be interested? Either as a group or just individual players…
Many, many thanks,

Stephen Crowe.

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