Dear Music for London,

I am an opera singer, Juilliard trained flutist and film/tv recording artist from Los Angeles, recently relocated to Europe. I’ve worked in films such as “The Simpsons”, “King Kong”, and “The Matrix” Trilogy. (I plan to send my cvs to your sessions department as well; this inquiry pertains to live performance.) I have a highly unusual career, spanning the gap between female operatic repertoire (everything from mezzo through coloratura soprano), classical flute and many forms of popular music, including… jazz, pop, broadway, bossa nova, dance/trance, function bands, avante gard and improvisational. I am currently involved in several exciting recording projects, and so choose to focus on individual performances as opposed to long term opera commitments. Thus, I am seeking representation by agencies such as yours, for booking in the UK and throughout Europe.

I have several types of acts in which I perform… one, of course, the very elegant operatic concert with full gowns and jewels. Sometimes I am asked to play chamber music on flute as well. I have pre-recorded orchestral and piano accompaniment cds, for venues without piano or room/budget for an ensemble.

I also perform as a jazz/lounge/torch singer, and am a skilled dancer as well. I have even sung in James Bond themed parties, in all the songs from various James Bond movies. Another specialty is to perform for high end fashion events as a model/singer. I have worked for designers such as Luis Vuitton and Yves St. Laurent.

I look forward to hearing from you about the possiblties of working with your music agency.

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