Tim Classical Tenor

Tim “The Voice of Somerset”

Tim is one of the most versatile singers around with a repertoire that ranges from classical to pop!

As a classical dramatic tenor Tim is rated as one of the most powerful and dynamic performers in the country! Tim has performed with some of the finest orchestras in the world including “The Royal Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra.”

Tim is the Principle Tenor of the largest indoor concert in the country, “The Birmingham Tattoo”, performing in front of an audience of 22,000 people! Tim can perform as an solo artist, with a band or with a classical orchestra.

Tim was one of only 40 performers in the world to perform to HRH “The Prince Of Wales” on a face to face basis up to 1992 and has since worked with some of the biggest names
in showbiz!

Tim is a well established theatre concert performer and has up to £40,000 worth of sound and lighting equipment if needed, meaning as a crossover artist Tim a can create a show that will
suite any venue on your books!

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