Verity Duo

The Verity Duo are award winning musicians, having won The Martin Musical Scholarship Award and Nansi Richards competition to name a few. Originally brought up in Pembrokeshire, the siblings, Giles and Verity have been performing in concerts together from a very young age: both in this country, Europe and the Channel Islands. As well as a Violin Duo, they are also a professional Violin & Harp duo. Verity set up “Truth Music” in 2011, which aims to bring live music around the community.

Blues Demo

Gypsy Jazz

Light Jazz Selection

As part of this, they regularly play with Theatre Companies, dance companies, as well as having many works written for them by eminent composers. The Verity Duo regularly perform in a variety of venues across Europe, as well as entertaining in nursing homes, hospitals, schools, and perform for special events. They have performed in events with: Kylie Minogue, Leslie Garrett, Nicola Benedetti, Tasmin Little.

Their repertoire is wide ranging from their serious Recital repertoire: Classical, Baroque, Romantic and modern works for Violin Duo and Violin and Harp, contrasting with their repertoire for special events: popular, folk, Jazz, light classical.

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